As a Home Buyer, you can prepare for your home closing by becoming educated about what you should know, what you'll need to do, and what you should bring to the closing. To help you through this learning process, we have put together a collection of resources that many have found helpful.
Pre-Closing Checklist!

To help you better plan each step of the closing process, we have developed an easy to follow pre-closing checklist. Get started here!

Home Buyers Checklist!

We underastand that buying a home can be quite daunting, especially your first time through! To help you navigate effectively and accurately through the process, we have included a Home Buying Checklist. View the Checklist!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions help address a number of the more common issues facing home Buyers and Sellers. View the FAQs

Glossary of Terms

Don't let the "lingo" intimidate you or leave you confused and unprepared! We have collected a series of terms and phrases that we believe will help you feel more comfortable with the closing process. Where possible on this site, we have linked to terms for additional clarification! View the Glossary

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is an insured statement of the condition of your "title" or ownership rights to a certain piece of property. Visit the Title Insurance page to learn more about what title insurance is, and why you need it! Learn more

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