Whether you are a Buyer, Seller, or refinancing your home, you will need to bring several items to the closing. The following is a checklist to assist you and make your closing a smooth, enjoyable experience. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Buyer Requirements:

  • 1. Bring a cashiers check PAYABLE TO YOURSELF or FRANK X. O’CONNOR LAW OFFICES, PLLC for the balance of the figure shown at 303 on your HUD-1 Settlement Statement. Our firm will accept personal checks up to $500.00.

  • 2. Contact your homeowners insurance agent to obtain hazard insurance binder and paid receipt showing the first year premium paid. If you are purchasing a condominium and the insurance is paid through the Homeowner’s Association, you should provide our firm will all relevant contact information for the Condo Association at least 14days in advance of your closing date so that we may request a copy of the Master Insurance Binder.

  • 3. Provide picture identification and you will need to provide your social security number (actual card not required).

  • 4. If a sale of your present home is required by your new lender, bring the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and a copy of the Warranty Deed.

Seller Requirements:

  • 1. If married, your spouse must attend unless other arrangements have been made. Please contact your closer immediately if both spouses cannot attend.

  • 2. Provide picture identification and your social security number (the actual card is not required).

  • 3. Copy of the most recent real estate tax bill issued by the Town Tax Collector.

  • 4. Contact your local town water and sewer departments and request a final reading. Request that once the readings are done that the bill be faxed to our offices at 603-893-8384.

  • 5. As Sellers(s) you are required to contact the various utility companies servicing your property to arrange for final meter readings and to close out your billing accounts.  At the same time you close the account, provide your new address for receipt of the final bill. Please paid receipts to closing for all such bills.

  • 6. Provide our offices at least 10 days in advance of the closing date with the loan numbers, customer service phone numbers and your social security numbers for any current liens and/or mortgages/equity loans open against the property. 

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